The Second Stage Of The Development Of Automation Equipment Manufacturers

- Jun 28, 2017-

Materials can be moved and transported through a variety of conveyor belts, industrial conveyors, robots, cranes, stacker and lifts, storage of materials with shelves and removable shelves, and through manual operation of mechanical access equipment, with limit switches, screw mechanical brakes and mechanical monitors. Mechanization meets the people's speed, precision, height, weight, repetitive access and handling requirements.

Automation equipment manufacturers are involved in a wide range of disciplines, the application of comprehensive science and technology. As a system engineering, it consists of 5 units: Shan program unit. Decide what to do and how to do it. Shan Action Unit. Exert energy and position. Shan Sensing Unit. The performance and status of the detection process. Shan making unit. The information sent by the sensing unit is compared, and the instruction signal is developed and issued. Shan control Unit. An institution for the formulation and regulation of the Unit of action. Automation research content mainly has two aspects, including the theory, the method, the hardware and the software and so on, from the application point of view, the research content has the process automation, the machinery manufacture automation equipment, the management Automation Intelligent Community Management automation, the laboratory automation and the home automation and so on.