Stealth Power Behind Automation Equipment

- Jun 28, 2017-

Today, the industrial automation market has become an important base for the sustainable development of all countries in the world. With the increasing popularity of IoT, it is expected that by 2020, the size of industrial automation equipment manufacturers will be as high as 2024. 200 million dollars, but to the entire industrial automation market to operate normally, we must realize the modernization of factory automation system upgrade.

But in the highly developed industrial automation today, enterprises still face many challenges:

First, industrial automation technology is ageing, industrial enterprises must carry out modernization upgrade. At present, the global service life of the operating technology system to reach the total size of 65 billion U.S. dollars, while the use of more than 20 years of automated system installed total capacity of 53 billion U.S. dollars;

Second, enterprises are rapidly adopting intelligent production, so the need for a modern system to provide support. LNS's findings suggest that 35% of companies have started investing in intelligent production, including the use of IoT, large data and 3D printing.

Third, the cost of downtime is increasingly high, industrial enterprises need to through the high availability of solutions, to maximize the reduction of downtime costs. The average cost of downtime has increased by 60% per 260,000 since 2014;

In the face of the growing market demand for modern operating technology, the only way to maintain the smooth operation of the industrial automation market is to adopt a highly available fault-tolerant solution.