Solution To Problems In Packaging Machine

- Jun 28, 2017-

First, the shrinking machine warming slowly or unable to rise to a higher temperature (160 degrees Celsius above) what is the reason?

Answer: The heater line is the main power cord after a magnetic switch to the electric heating tube, so should first detect the magnetic switch each contact is normal. If the line does not pass one phase, the above phenomenon will occur. If the magnetic switch is normal, you can check the meter again to see if the different phase and the machine's ohm value is the same. If normal should be short circuit. If all the phases are connected but the line or electric tube is still abnormal, the heater needs to be replaced.

Second, the equipment in the work of the membrane easily offset and not normal feeding how to adjust?

A: In the equipment, such as the film offset, adjusted film roll position and tension balance rod is invalid, you can adjust the angle of the upper triangular plate to solve this problem. If the upper layer of membrane material deviation from the clamping chain, the upper triangular plate can be adjusted clockwise direction, the following layer film material deviation from the clamp chain, you can adjust the upper triangular plate counterclockwise direction.

Third, packaging 6 bottles of cluster packaging, the eye can not detect the packaging, the machine work easily cut to the packaging, how to adjust?

Answer: Cluster packaging of the body of the gap will affect the detection of the eye, at this time, the level of the horizontal eye angle adjustment to the bevel. The adjustment can reduce the probability of detecting the gap of the packaging, so as to avoid the phenomenon of chaos in the work.