How To Reduce The Wear Of Automatic Assembly Machine

- Jun 28, 2017-

(1) Reduce the temperature

Automatic assembly automation equipment lubricant can reduce friction coefficient, reduce friction heat generation. We know that the working machinery overcomes the friction of the work done, all turned into heat, part of the body outward diffusion, and part of the continuous increase in mechanical temperature. The centralized cycle lubrication system with liquid lubricant can take away the heat generated by friction, play the role of cool cooling, and make mechanical control operate within the required temperature range.

(2) Prevent corrosion and protect metal surface

Automated assembly automation equipment The surface of the machine is inevitably exposed to corrosion and damage to the metal surface of the machine by contacting the surrounding medium (such as air, moisture, water vapor, corrosive gas and liquid, etc.). In particular, the high temperature car in the metallurgical plant and chemical plant corrosion and wear appear more serious.

Lubricating oil or grease has no corrosive effect on metals, and can isolate moisture from moist air and erosion of harmful medium. We apply a layer of oil or grease with antiseptic and antirust additive on the surface of the metal, which can play the role of Anticorrosion, antirust and protecting the metal surface.

(3) Clean flushing function

Automatic assembly automation equipment friction pairs in the movement of abrasive particles or external media, will accelerate the friction surface wear. The fluidity of liquid lubricant can take away the abrasive particles asked by the rubbing surface, thus reducing the wear and tear. In the pressure cycle lubrication system, the flushing action is more significant. In cold rolling, hot-rolled and cutting, grinding, drawing and other processing process lubricants, in addition to cooling the role, there is a good flushing effect, to prevent the surface of the object by solid impurities scratched, so that the finished product (steel) surface has a good quality and surface roughness.