Efficiency Analysis Of Automatic Assembly Machine

- Jun 28, 2017-

Productivity has always been in the promotion of social development and progress play an important role, and the increase in productivity has a profound impact on the development of enterprises, formerly concentrated artificial production has been unable to adapt to the modern enterprise, the labor cost is high, the efficiency is low, material waste and so on, the shortage of labor and recruitment is difficult for enterprises to face the problem, and automatic assembly equipment applications more reliable, more secure, more stable and continuous operation of the ability to bring high efficiency of the company's productivity, so that the company's operating costs first mate lower, also make the company even more competitive. The former by manual labor to the current situation of one person in charge of multiple automated production equipment, so that one-man multiple production mode in the enterprise production can reflect the maximum production efficiency and the lowest operating costs.

Automatic assembly machine in the production of precision and stability and speed is far beyond the manual production efficiency, and can be 24 hours of uninterrupted work. Equipment in good condition to use four or five years is no problem, one years of maintenance costs about hundreds of yuan is enough.